`¤*«مُحمدْ البادِيْ»*-¤

¬°•| غَيثُ مِن الَعطاء ُ|•°¬
22 أكتوبر 2011
إنْ وابلاً، فَطَلْ
Debate is kind of conversation tackles different issues and subjects. It's purpose is not to win over the discussion or beating opponents as much as developing a deeper understanding to your believes and others points of view

Debate is a very constructive discipline and roots back to ancient times. Nowadays, debate is more common and frequently is held among politicians, clerks, activists, groups, countries, etc. It has its own rules and guidelines.
The purpose of this thread is to give you a brief glimpse over the world of debate as I intend to recreate a similar thing here in the forum. I may well chose debaters after obtaining their consent of course.
I will keep feeding you with necessary materials that you may find useful and helpful
Enjoy your time