How to Be a Nice, Helpful Person

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22 يونيو 2012

How to Be a Nice, Helpful Person

How to Be a Nice, Helpful Person
Being nice and Helpful may get you good friends and a happy life. Some people don't know it, but the nicer you are, the happier you will be in future.

Now be totally honest:​
Do you prefer being around someone that seems too sad or utterly serious, or hanging around somebody that smiles and seems to always be having fun? Yep, We've got it! A friendly smile will always brighten up anyone's day. Being in a good mood makes anyone feel more comfortable to approach you.

Offer to help anyway.
Are there any friends or a siblings needing any help at all? Why don't help them out!? Help somebody study for a test, or help your mum clean the house. There is no problem about helping out someone in need, because soon or later, they will probably (but not necessarily) help you in something, too.

Say positive things to people.
Encouraging people to do what they like, or saying positive things to make people feel better after any bad situation will sure make you someone unforgettable. When you feel sad about anything in your life, wouldn't you love that someone could appear only to say a friendly word to make you smile? Well, if you are that person, everyone will sure love you forever and you will feel great.

Don't criticize, encourage​
As previously said, people want someone that say positive things, not that criticize every move they do. Of course you have the right to give your opinions, but doing it in a rude way won't help anyway.

Be receptive and accept all people​
No matter how someone else looks or dresses, they deserve a chance. Why not to go up to someone new, smile and let them know if they need something, you will be there.

Think before doing anything
Before doing something, stop and think well about the situation. It's always good not to precipitate things or say stuff without thinking, or someone can get hurt. Always do what you think it's right, and remember that the best thing to do is that which will be fair for everyone​