A whisper to you

مغلق و غير مفتوح للمزيد من الردود.

`¤*«مُحمدْ البادِيْ»*-¤

¬°•| غَيثُ مِن الَعطاء ُ|•°¬
22 أكتوبر 2011
إنْ وابلاً، فَطَلْ

A whisper to you
wait for me, I am returning home tomorrow

it’s me your guardian, I was up yesterday, and your image had wandered around me. I sat up and saw you there, you were looking at me with eyes filled up with gentle smile. I tried to grasp your ghost but I went through. You were there, never moved, just then after that, a tear had dropped and cascaded down where it fell into vacuum. I got terrified and thoughts ghastly raced into my mind. Could it be that you had yourself worried and came to look after me? You burst into a cry once my thought had crossed your mind as if you were embarrassed, and my though touched your soul, I got panicked and tried to think of when we fought days back, so that you would stop shattering my heart, you waved to me and vanished with a smile had make my heart throbbed into deep remorse,
مغلق و غير مفتوح للمزيد من الردود.