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on the Marxist theory of historical process of the emancipation of mankind Understanding read the
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Abstract: Only a comprehensive understanding of the essence of Marxist liberation of mankind, to fully understand in today insisted socialism. Communism, historical significance and practical significance; human liberation includes the political emancipation of the proletariat, economic, social liberation, the liberation of man's own three organic process of historical development; achieved political emancipation of the class the basic victory of the national, must be \social liberation, \It is to proceed from reality, there are steps and stages in the reality of our socialist theory and program.
one, Marx's great vision of human liberation
overview of the history of human society to date, we can see that in the fight for human survival and development process, Two relations have been in the ring (that is, between man and nature and people) within the constantly struggling with, and has been consistently concerned about their fate to the present and future goals as the pursuit of power and in different social historical circumstances and different sense of striving for liberation produced a variety of theories to express the reality of human existence from the ideal state to a conscious pursuit. However, only the creation of Marxist historical materialism, the true meaning of human liberation was expressed in scientific form.

humans separated from the animal kingdom, from the natural evolution to the social sphere, starting a creative work, in different forms and levels of production carried out on the struggle, class struggle (class exists historical conditions), and scientific experiments. In the great struggle, we become a society of human history, only the main dynamic force and self-liberation. The development of human society, and showed a from lower to higher, from spontaneous to conscious of historical process. The transformation of nature and social development level of the degree of social and historical progress of mankind objective measure of scale. Social productive forces and science and technology achievements, as people scale transformation of nature. So the experience of human society is divided into the Stone Age, Iron Age, Bronze Age, hand grind time, the machine of the industrial age,MAC Lip&eye pencil, the electronic information age, etc.; the same, the old mode of production is replaced by a new mode of production, a social development benchmark. Incidentally, the primitive society, slavery society, feudal society, capitalist society and socialist society (primary stage), will appear in future communist society, does not pause to move forward. Each of the social ladder, are a historical necessity, the development of human society as a necessary step. Thus, the objective is also a liberation of human beings.

history of human society is the history of human understanding of self-liberation. In the original primitive barbarism, transforming the objective world and cognitive ability is very low, almost completely is being affected by natural forces of domination, the clan system of community is their only social prerequisite for survival and safeguard the existence and development of the clan is that they the highest value target. They naturally fear to worship, had a primitive religion; they themselves suffered in the survival of the natural reality of the suffering caused by oppression, hopes to get back to nature escape. In the original humans created the illusion of the future fate of their pursuit of the illusion with a distorted, absurd and mysterious to achieve \Since then, people from the domination by purely natural transition to the people who rule the state. This is a major historical progress of mankind.

mankind from slavery to the disintegration of the feudal system, thousands of years, slaves and serfs, craftsmen and small businessmen such as the general public, not in a master, the cruel feudal exploitation Under the suffering and oppression to survive against the various forms of physical slavery, fight off the suffering of life, to become the universal demand of the working class. After numerous struggles, and they failed, so in the West reflect this requirement of a negative ideology, that is, the rise of Christianity. The reality of suffering in the hands of God's solution to replace the rule with God's rule, the formation of European history known as the \Engels revealed that God is the essence of rule pointed out: this rule over the vast majority of human civilization, 1800 years old religion, is a whole spectrum of con artists made the absurd, is to help the world's autocratic emperor of Rome The best hand-fat. History has proved that God's pursuit of liberation, the liberation of human beings not only not true, the opposite happens, the various religious teachings, as a long-term obstacles to the liberation of human beings to seek spiritual shackles. When the history of Europe into the industrial civilization in order to meet the needs of the capitalist economic and social development, on behalf of the emerging bourgeoisie asked for enlightenment thinkers, strongly raised freedom, equality, fraternity banner of rationalism, launched to the feudal autocracy divinity offensive doctrine. A kind of believe in \With a historical perspective, these ideas throughout Europe in the fight against feudal autocracy in the political revolution has played a most revolutionary role. But history is quickly proved that these great thinkers in the 18th century, not to exceed the limits of their own era. \class of ownership; and rational state, Rousseau's social contract reflected in practice, but only showed the Democratic Republic of the bourgeoisie. \religion to Christianity, to the rationalism of the \However, the original religion of humanity by the \All of these on the \History, it has posed a question: in the end what is the true liberation of all mankind? Capitalism really is the ultimate ideal of human existence social form? Developed since the 18th century the reality of capitalism to a negative answer.

witnessed first hand the reality of Marxism under the re-start looking for answers on science and human emancipation. 1843 in his \It launched the \The real emancipation of mankind, only to resort to the proletariat, through the \This was somewhat in the discussion of abstract speculation, has been expressed by Marx was always insisted that the important principle of proletarian emancipation of mankind. \To dialectical materialism and historical materialism of Marx as a weapon, the history of human society stand in the height of the overall development, established the proletariat and all working on the theory of building human liberation. 1. The inevitable demise of capitalism, the end is inevitable, but in general the full development of capitalism is the foundation and history of human emancipation premise; 2. Proletariat only the liberation of mankind can finally liberate themselves, and the realization of liberation , in different countries of different social conditions, with different forms of; 3. the emancipation of mankind is a long historical process,MAC Lip&eye pencil, and must go through the political emancipation of the class, economic, social emancipation and liberation of people's self-linked and three existing differentiated stage of development; 4. communist socialist society will also continue to be a realm of necessity to the realm of freedom from the development of the historical process, it will not forever stop at a certain level Shang. It is these four basic points, constitute the Marxist theory of the big vision of human liberation.

Second, a comprehensive theory of human emancipation argument

for the total liberation of all mankind, is the \The fundamental idea is the heart and soul of Marxism. Because, in Marx and Engels think the realization of \On this issue, often the traditional view of Marx's \As many ....books and monographs, the \This understanding of Marx and Engels do not meet well prepared. Engels 1883, the \class struggle can no longer exploit it themselves from the oppression of it's that class (the bourgeoisie) to liberate. \This fight lead to the final realization of the complete liberation of all mankind. Proletariat first gain political dominance, but the most important is to realize the political premise of communism, the political struggle of the proletarian revolution itself is not the ultimate goal. On the contrary, Marx and Engels, the development of human society is a natural historical process of the fundamental historical point of view, the realization of communism has always understood as a continuous process and needs of the revolutionary experience many of the historical stage. The first is to a proletarian political revolution (the bourgeois democratic revolution has not yet completed the basic state, the proletariat but also the bourgeois democratic revolution into the socialist revolution in preparation for the track, different countries, nations should adopt a different struggle strategy), after the success of extensive and deep into the long social revolution (that is, the economy as the center of profound social changes), and finally achieve the transformation of human beings and improvement of free people of the Commonwealth until the ideal situation to come.

\basic historical process. In the \At the same time, they maintained that the proletariat had won power, the urgent task is the development of social productive forces, Xun Su, transformation Shehuijingji basic structure, improve social administration, the implementation of education with productive labor, and to improve people's quality. The reflection focused on their economy \In the second chapter, they proposed creating a clear \Although much discussed, but that the communism of Marx and Engels to achieve the ultimate goal comes down to \social liberation \The complete system, the essence of the doctrine, Marx was summarized as \

for proletarian political revolution was the struggle to adapt to the needs of the \\

it has other policy tools such as direct control

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