Today is December 21!



Faster than Christmas, I had not sensitive to this festival! Over all lines, however, is now the same. These days they sleep at night Zheng Su's sleep,north face bookbags, every night looking at the ceiling daze! Mind confused, what want! Ha ha ~
house phone, and was asking me when to go home! Oh, indeed, what I most want is to go home, she felt as his life was like living, too tired! Especially on the heart, so the days do not know whether to run around too too long, it can not be a lifetime. May not really live as meaningless.
mother or care when I have a girlfriend, ha ha, my answer is, do not worry, there must be the final hit is, insist not. I am more and more things in this area, not interested! Although sometimes very lonely one, but no pressure, they want to do whatever!
2007 year timescale and later, summing up this year, I seem to have done nothing, ha ~ ~ the first half at home by myself to the latter half to the left alone in Xinjiang. In a word, bored to death!
this time, I started a lottery, or fantasy, when the meteorite to fall on my head. Haha, I think people have some fantasy If so, life can be a little hope. But this thing is a music, buy the play, it really points to make money, it does not necessarily wait until the next life. Ha ~ ~
now feeling more and worse food, eat nothing, and sometimes want to eat something special, but the buy back, on the front of it a daze. Both could not eat a very long time. Do not know why! But I insist on eating one meal a day, if not eat, then hung up. Home? Do not even think of, it's sleeping away from home is always right.
recent pastime like some fun to look at,The Northface Jacket, but the state turned to the Bo a times, alas, not one to see. Would like to find a game online to the, turned the N-game site, no one can bring my interest. At first the elite enthusiasts, online games, but I ah! But now more interested in online games than money. PPLIVE on all day is look at movies, television dramas, and animation! Sometimes seeing a movie N times, What is repeated over and over, until the numbness has been seen. Guo Degang a few days ago to see the \, how not to read too! Haha
yesterday to get their space from a little, feel good, month and have money hanging yellow brick, do not get what ground, all I am sorry my money, ha ~ ~ now especially like in space Log on to write some of my feelings. However, recent experience is more negative. Haha, some of a precursor to depression too!
word passed quickly in 2007, 2008, I again what will happen? Or if, as now, a mission that is six months, or stabilize it in one place. I must have passed the 25-year-old, 26-year-old would come, ha ha,Buy herve leger, time off really fast! This year year, I think, \one year. \Think of the very funny! This year, one year down, and soon I will be old. Some time, I always think I am old that it will be every day, do it! Sometimes thought, I can live to how old it! Will hang tomorrow! Ha ~ ~ not always hear people say, you are vulnerable!
I always, morale is high for some time, while depression. I do not know why! Sometimes to encourage their own struggle, but after think about it, after the struggle, but it is what got! Old people always hear that God is fair, there will have to pay return! This statement I have is that correct, that is so, pay and have paid off! But sometimes, I paid, do not want returns. As long as people are not complaining, I am very happy!
often heard old people say, women do hard, in fact, I think men do it more difficult! Top men must play a home and your family happy, filial piety! Let your lover happy! So, I think men are really hard to do.
this year,best ugg boots, I will stop here,cheap nike air max, but also a meal of complaints, more heart feel better, not so depressing it! It seems this is a good way to vent it, ha ha ~~~~~