Nature reserves in the Sultanate of Oman

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2 ديسمبر 2009
Nature reserves in the Sultanate of Oman

Animal life of wealth and a vast trove should be maintained and as a result of the Sultanate saw a threat to animal life in the Sultanate has established nature reserves in several regions of the Sultanate in order to maintain and protect eco-systems and components vital to the protection of the characteristics and natural and cultural features as well as work to improve the economic and social conditions of the Omani society and there are 6 in the Sultanate internationally classified as natural reserves in the list of the International Federation are as follows 0

Arabian Oryx Sanctuary


These include protected Algiilogip many sites of national importance and global, which added much to the geological history of the Sultanate Moreover, the findings are important archaeological evidence of human presence in this region for thousands of years that the correlation of these parameters and features of aesthetic values and land in the reserve had a significant impact in declared the first natural reserve in the Sultanate as well as selected by UNESCO in 1994 to become part of World Natural Heritage sites and protected areas are located in the central region and a total area of 24,785.4 km. It was announced in the reserve at 18 / 10 / 1994 م under Royal Decree No. 94 / 9

Objectives of protected
Maintenance of biological diversity
The protection of human monuments, archaeological, historical and geological significance
Improving economic conditions and social and cultural rights of the local population

: Resources Protected

Physical resources: plains, sand dunes, hills are high and rocky slopes.

Vital resources: the Arabian Oryx, Nubian Ibex, lynx, Arabian gazelle, deer sand, cat sand and Houbara Bustard and other animals.

Facts and figures on the protected

Maha newborn weight: 35 kg

Oryx weight of 70 90 kg

Pregnancy: 8.5 month

The average age of childbirth Alantyand 2. G 5 years

Weaning age of 610 months

The longest distance to travel 74 km in 12 hours

The longest distance to travel, depending on the rain, 155 km

A longer record time without drinking water 12 months

Protected natural park Scion


Located in the eastern state of complete and adequate, with an area of 220 km 2

And the year mark of her reserve was on 28 / 6 / 1997 by Royal Decree No. 50 / 97

The park consists of easy Taatntcher mudslide which some plants where forests cover the hills throughout most of the garden and a good environment for some types of mammalian middle ground in the Sultanate has been earmarked in the reserve in order to achieve the future development of educational purposes and tourism with the environment with the benefit of the local population.

Objectives of protected

The protection of wildlife in their natural habitats

Create physical models contribute to clarify the relationship of environmental

In the best interest of the community

The park

Physical resources: a variety of configurations, geomorphological and fossilized coral reefs and communities of low hills

Vital resources: forest hills and Arabian gazelle, wild cat

Turtles are protected with a reduction


This reserve is located in the eastern region with a mandate to reduce Photos

The total area: 120 km 2 along the coast with a length of 42 km

In reserve was announced on 23 / 4 / 1996 under Royal Decree No. 25 / 96

Extends to include the protected area of 120 km of beaches and coastal land and the seabed and are Khorin Creek Stone Creek grams and the allocation of this region comes the culmination of the efforts and measures to protect this rare species of sea creatures that abound in the Omani environment where the turtles are the oldest and most species are rare and semi - island of Ras Al Hadd main home for nesting turtles and turtle species are the most important are the green turtle. Each year about 6000 13000 nest turtle in this region. The number of green turtles about 20 thousand turtles in more than 275 sites along the shores of Oman. And green turtles nest on a coastal strip with a length of about 42 km in the area from Ras Al Hadd to Ras Al Ruwais.

Facts and figures on green turtles
Average length of the shield in adulthood: 85 120 cm
Average width of the shield in adulthood: 80 100 cm
Omar Blog: 3050 years
Life span: more than 100 years
The number of eggs laid by female: 80 110 eggs at a time
The incubation period for eggs: 50 60 days
Food: grass and marine algae
Numbers located in the Sultanate: between 12 thousand to 20 thousand turtle

Objectives of protected
The protection of beaches nestled meted turtles and birds
Promote eco-tourism

Islands Protectorate Daymaniyat natural


Site in the north and east of the governorate of Muscat and Barka
The total area of the reserve of 203 km 2 of the maritime environment and 9 main islands, namely, (Kherabp, Alhabot, Big Mountain, Little Mountain, salted, Allomip, division, Olgun, kids Olgun). And
Posted in reserve on 3 / 4 / 1996 under Royal Decree No. 23 / 96
And protected is an archipelago of 9 islands off the coast of Seeb, Barka jurisdiction, and include within the protected rocks and shallow water that stretches about ranges between 16, 18 km from the coast extending from Seeb to Barka, and can access the park by riding the boats from anywhere along the coast 0
This protected area is the protection and breeding of large numbers of countless species of migratory birds and endemic, where the birds nest freedom Bkthelvp high. Birds and osprey in the governorate of Muscat. And also where the turtles nest Acharfav and green turtles.

Objectives of protected
The protection of turtle nesting beaches and landscape and aesthetic
The protection of coral reefs and bird
The protection of wild plants

The park
Physical resources: the slopes of rocky cliffs and sandy limestone rocks
Vital resources: trees and a wide variety of fish and two types of sea turtles and the types of large birds.

Protected Alajubssahel Dhofar


This reserve is located in the province of Dhofar, and the total area of a few hectares to 100 hectares Esidan what was announced reserve on 28 / 6 / 1997 by Royal Decree No. 49 / 97
Found in the protected waters of creeks large numbers of fish, mostly fish and mullet Albher edible, and the most important reasons that led to the protection of khawrs are large numbers of migratory birds visiting these environments as places to stop and rest. Have been recorded 56 or more birds in the experience.

The number of creeks in the protected coves is about 8: Khor Al Dahariz Maghsail Creek Creek Creek Dull Aoukd Creek and Little Creek Crimea Crimea great Khor Khor Rori arrival Creek Energy

The park
Resources Alvezaiip: creeks and springs and archaeological sites
Vital resources: trees and a wide variety of fish and huge numbers of birds

Objectives of protected
Lagoons provide management with sustainable use of
Maintain the ecosystem Balgiran with activities unguided
Restoration and scientific exploration of the most important archaeological sites in

Jabal Samhan protected natural

This reserve is located in the province of Dhofar, and a total area of 4500 km 2, has been declared a reserve on 28 / 6 / 1997 by Royal Decree No. 48 / 97
It is a series of highlands, consisting Aahjr limestone, which are high at the coastal plain that slopes to the north. Separating the highlands valleys deep and narrow and there are a variety of plants, all well and live there are groups that the Tigers Oman animals Ibex, deer, striped hyena, caracal and wild cat, foxes, B. tastier. Moreover, there is the area of marine shrimp and jellyfish. And there are different types of whales along the coast and green turtles nest and Romanian on the sandy beaches of the protected areas.
The park:
Physical resources: limestone hills and coastal plains and valleys are deep and rocky slopes
Vital resources: Animals Arabian leopard and the Nubian ibex and tastier Ib Arabian gazelle, hyena, and a group of rare plants
Objectives of protected areas:
Provide the necessary protection for wildlife and their habitats
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